Secure your business with mirrored hosting.
Business Mirroring Plan Corporate Mirroring Plan Global Mirroring Plan
High Availability Mirroring protects your online business from potential disasters, and insures that your site is always online for your customers. Our Corporate Mirroring will monitor your website, on up to 4 four servers, anywhere in the world. If your server or website becomes unavailable, Kingdom will immediately start serving your website from our location. If you are running your business on multiple servers or want the added security of housing your mirror on a dedicated server, our Global Mirroring will accomodate your needs.
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Planning for downtimes, such as a natural disaster or other unavoidable situations, i.e. power outages or rationing, protects your online business and your investments.

These precautions also send a message to your customer base and investors, that you have taken all possible measures to insure that your business is available and that your data is protected.

If you want to discuss our mirroring programs with a sales agent, please call 1-937-440-0952 or use our online contact form : Contact Sales.

 Features Shared Hosting Plans
  Business Mirroring Plan Corporate Mirroring Plan Global Mirroring Plan
Disk Space 50 100 500
Monthly Data Transfer 4,000 mb 4,000 mb 15,000 mb
Multiple Domain Names unlimited unlimited unlimited
Account Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
Email POP Accounts 10 20 20
Email Forwarding Yes Yes Yes
Email Autoresponders No No No
Secure SSL Server Optional Optional Yes
Web Site Statistics No No No
FTP Access 24/7 No No No
FrontPage Support (opt) No No No
Private CGI-Bin Directory No No No
MySQL Datasource Yes Yes Yes
SQL 7.0 Datasource Optional Optional Optional
MS Access Datasource Yes Yes Yes
Perl 5 Yes Yes Yes
ColdFusion 5.0 Yes Yes Requires License
ASP Yes Yes Yes
Real Audio / Video Yes Yes Yes
Java Applet Support Yes Yes Yes
SSI Support Yes Yes Yes
Shockwave/Flash Support Yes Yes Yes
UPS Power Backup Yes Yes Yes
Password Protected Pages Yes Yes Yes
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